LET’S LACE UP – Some of our favourite shoe lace hacks!

Lacing is something that most of us do not have to think about it when we put on our shoes, but for others, it may be a source of relief in footwear from certain conditions. Laces give us many options when it comes to making shoes fit properly or more comfortably. Here are some of our favourites shoe lace hacks that we use in our practice!

Having trouble with heel slippage? 

Shoe Lace hack for heel slippage

This heel lock lacing technique can help. If you have ever noticed blisters on the back of your heel or excessive wear in the back of your shoe, it could be a sign that your heel isn’t sitting properly in your footwear. This style of lacing will prevent you heel from slipping out of your shoe.

You would start with your usual lacing technique and cross the laces until you reach the second to last eyelet. From there, you will thread the lace through the last eyelet into the shoe on the same side (You should have created a loop). Repeat this step on the other side. You will then cross the laces through the loops and pull. This technique will ensure that your heel will no longer slip out of the shoe.

High Arches or Midfoot pain?

Shoe lace hack for foot pain

Skip lacing may be for you. This lacing technique allows you to skip lacing in the areas of the foot that usually cause pain or discomfort (particularly in the middle of the foot). This may play a major role for those of us that suffer from arthritis in the midfoot, high instep, or general pain in the area.

With this technique you would cross laces until you reach the middle of the shoe. Once there, you would lace only through the side eyelets. Make sure you do this in the area that is causing discomfort on the top of your foot. When completed, you can criss cross the laces once again and tie your shoe.

This same technique can be used if you have a wide forefoot and need relief. The only difference is that you would lace through the side eyelets to begin until you reach the mid foot , and then continue crossing as usual. 

Wide Feet? No Problem!

Shoe lace hack for wide feet

This lacing technique could be for you. Lacing this way will loosen the shoe while providing your foot with more space and overall comfort. How is it done? Keep reading. 

First, we always want to make sure that our shoes are fitting appropriately. Meaning, we buy footwear that matches the shape and width of our feet. Understandably, even with doing so, the shoe still may not fit correctly due to swelling or other conditions. Using this lacing technique may offer some assistance.

You will start lacing the shoe normally by crossing the laces. Then, cross the laces at every other eyelet and tie. The shoe will now feel more looser on your foot


These shoe lace hacks are a great place to start, but we always recommend seeing a Certified Pedorthist if you are having discomfort in your footwear.

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