Do Orthotics Help with Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory condition of the connective tissue that joins the heel bone (calcaneus)  to the forefoot (the metatarsal heads).   When his connective tissue is placed under a lot of stress is can become irritated with inflammation and even tiny micro-tears.

Pregnancy & Your Feet

As we are all aware pregnancy triggers a wide array of changes within the body in an exceptionally short period of time.   The additional weight being carried in the torso has a direct affect on a woman’s center of gravity and causes the increased curvature in the lower back and forward tilt of the pelvis that we are all use to seeing in pregnant women. 

All Things Bunions

Bunion pain relief is something we get asked about daily. Bunions are a condition that as a Pedorthist we see often. They are a malalignment of the big toe joint (also known as hallux valgus) causing a boney deformation on the inside of the foot at the base of the big toe. Bunions can be … Read more

Ski Boot Fitting

Getting foot pain in your ski boots is not uncommon.  Ski boots are not known for exuding comfort especially because boot performance is heavily reliable on a snug fit.  I do however believe that there is a balance that can be found between comfort and performance.

If The Shoe Fits

Selecting the right shoe for your foot type and running style is not an easy task. I am going to lay out some guidelines that should make the decision making a little easier but I always recommend consulting with your local pedorthist.

Forefoot Pain

“These two toes go numb.” “My toes are burning.” “I have to take my shoes off under the table.” If this is you, if you find yourself describing your foot pain symptoms this way you may be dealing with an interdigital nerve entrapment or a mortons neuroma.