Braces for Ankle Joint Arthritis

The Gauntlet brace is our secret weapon!

The brace is made from a cast of the foot and ankle. It is made of rigid thermoplastic, lined with a cushioning material and enclosed in a leather lace up wrap. It fits well in lace up walking shoes and is a great tool for any sufferer of arthritic joint pain to have in their arsenal. This custom brace is covered by most health insurance providers.

It is not a very well known device and therefore it is unfortunately very under prescribed. I have seen countless cases of success in alleviating pain associated with ankle osteoarthritis with the use of this brace.

Painful osteoarthritis of the ankle and subtalar joint can be debilitating. Osteoarthritis is essentially defined as degeneration of the joint cartilage and its underlying bone. When these degenerated joint surfaces attempt to glide over each other this is what elicits pain. The gauntlet brace is the Cadillac of braces for immobilization. It is used to restrict movement in the joint causing a significant decrease in pain.

This brace is entirely custom which for many is crucial, as bony abnormalities are common causing off the shelf devices to be uncomfortable due to friction and irritation.

This brace is particularly beneficial for those that may require a fusion of the joint but for either medical or preferential reasons want to explore a more conservative avenue.


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