We are gradually reopening our offices….

With this comes social responsibility that we aren’t taking lightly.

We are asking patients to please fill out our screening form prior to your appointment. It’s our way of ensuring the safety of our patients, staff and the community at large. Thank-you for your cooperation. 

If you have an upcoming appointment please take a moment to fill out our confidential screening form.

What can you expect from us?

Constant Monitoring & Adapting!

We appreciated that this is not easy for anyone and feel that clear communication can help to ease anxieties. We have detailed below measures that we are taking to ensure that we do our part in keeping this virus at bay.  Thanks for your cooperation while we navigate these new conditions.

  1. All practitioners and staff will be wearing masks at all times throughout your appointment. 
  2. We are requiring that anyone attending the clinic also be wearing a mask throughout the entire duration of their visit to the clinic. 
  3. Patients will be required to sanitize their hands upon arrival to the clinic.
  4. We ask that your shoes be left on the mat at the entrance.
  5. Your feet will be cleaned using a benzalkonium chloride wipe prior to examination.
  6. Your gait analysis will be performed in a designated area of the clinic and will be cleaned using a virucide cleaning agent between patients. 
  7. Your patient history will taken at a distance allowable within the confines of the examination room.
  8. We are asking that patients come alone to their appointment unless they require assistance for transportation, mobility, language interpretation or comprehension.  
  9. We are booking our appointments at 1/2 capacity and are scheduling breaks between patients to allow for proper sanitation of rooms and adequate personal hygiene.
  10. We will be cleaning all surfaces using Cavicide  (an antibacterial, virucide and fungicide solution) between patients. 
  11. We aim to never have more than one patient in the clinic at a time and are asking that you arrive at your scheduled appointment time. If you are early please wait in your car.
  12. We ask that you not bring any unnecessary personal belongings into the clinic. If you are able to leave hand bags in your vehicle that would be appreciated.